TarHellion #50
Real Name: Cathy Cockrell
Position: Business Director (BOD)
This is my 10th year in derby in Roanoke. I wish I had found derby at a much younger age, but through the years it has been a journey of laughs, tears, camaraderie and some of the best friendships that I have had (including a husband....fun fact - we met when our team scrimmaged against his team). I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything as it has continued to teach me life lessons in growth, strength and perseverance. I have been on athletic teams all of my life, but nothing compares to the team dynamics and diversity of derby!

Speed Junkie #911
Real Name: Shilo Atkinson
Position: Athletic Director (BOD) 
I've been in Roller Derby for just a little over 11 years. I've skated all over the United States from East to West coast and out of the U.S. a few times. I've played opponents ranked in the top 10 in the world. I have participated in 2 world championship playoffs and 1 time in the World Championships. I love Roller Derby, I've played sports all my life and there is no other sport like it. I am the Head Coach for TVRD and I absolutely love it, but you never know, you might see me on the track soon!

Wedneslay Addams #4
Real Name: Camille Leonard
Position: League Rules Director (BOD)
I started skating with SCRG in October of 2016. I've always enjoyed sports but this is the longest I've continuously played a sport and absolutely love it. I'm working on developing my skills as a jammer. Any opportunity to put my skates on is a good one! Fun facts: - favorite color black - I'm a metallurgical engineer - avid reader - love candles. 

Rogue Bludger #27
Real Name: Natalie Mey
Position: Co-Captain
I have been playing derby for five years. I started on a brand new team from Macomb, IL, the Macomb Bombshells. We were a brand new league and I was able to play my first two bouts with them before moving to Virginia. When I was in Illinois, I met, Katie Mey, my now wife at her first practice there. After we got married and graduated grad school, we moved to Virginia where we have continued to play this amazing sport. Derby has been a great stress relief for me. I work as a public school psychologist. I'm also obsessed with Harry Potter and my derby name and number are associated with my love for HP.

Chewblocka #451
Real Name: Aubrey Shifflett
Position: Public Relations Director (BOD)

I started derby at one of our boot camps in 2015. I hadn’t skated in at least 15 years before I started derby. My number comes from the book Fahrenheit 451- I love reading. Pretty nerdy. I also like puns, trivia and checking out breweries.

Skate Monster #47
Real Name: Kate Donaldson
Position: Co-Captain
I started playing roller derby in the fall of 2014 after coming from a background of ice hockey in my childhood. I am one of the co-captains of TVRD. I love everything about this team. I love being able to hit people on roller skates, to push myself to learn new skills and get better, to work with newer skaters on developing skills and confidence, but most of all, I love the camaraderie that comes with being on a team with such amazing people. I work as a Homeless Outreach Social Worker at the VA Medical Center and also work part time as a dog trainer at Field of Dreams. I have two dogs, a cat, and several chickens. I enjoy spending time outside for any reason, and also enjoy board games.
Psycho-Jaweeya #1
Real Name: Mary Sims
Position: Assistant Coach
 I have been skating for 8 years. Member of TVRD and the Virginia all stars. Been coaching and/or captain for the last 5 years.


PanaManiac #25
Real Name: Vivian Snowden

Derby is very challenging and It keeps me motivated to work out. I am originally from Panama. I am 48-years-old and I can keep up with a lot younger ladies, and I feel younger. Derby is the first team sport I have ever played and it has been a new experience for me. At the moment I am mainly working in my mental game which is as hard as any hit we get on the track.
Bratty Longlegs #80
Real Name: Amy Adams

I grew up roller skating and started playing roller derby in 2010. I've played off and on for 7 years. That is where I met my husband who was a referee, and we've established a homestead with dairy goats in addition to having two children.

Black Bolt #625
Real Name: Kristin Powell 

I've been around derby and skating for a few years now, but I didn't feel like I really started PLAYING derby until I transferred to TVRD in August 2017. I'm totally and completely in love with this sport and its people. I actually even left my previous job and took one that doesn't pay quite as well but has better availability so that I could play more derby. I work out 4 days a week, not including practice, all for the love of my sport, but I'm also sort of starting to like the gym now too. I'm gender queer and prefer neutral pronouns (they/them instead of she/her) and I'm currently working towards getting my private pilots license, but its a slow road because its a very expensive field to get into. Here's hoping some of my scholarship applications come through!
Skateniss Evermean #12
Real Name: Katie Mey

I've been involved in derby for about 5 years- skated for about 4 years. I really enjoy contact sports. I have 3 very adorable doggos. My wife is a better blocker than me. I hate fun facts, and usually when people ask that I just say I play derby, so...
FizzGig #14
Real Name: 

I've been playing for 5 seasons and have loved every moment of it. Getting to express my competitive side while building lasting relationships with strong athletic women has been amazing! When I'm not taking out my aggression on the track I like to play board games. Just a few. Okay maybe a lot.
Ruthless Bader Ginsburg #54
Real Name: Risa Katz-Albert

​I started out with another team about 2 years ago, and made the switch fall 2017. I recently got married, and 'Mr. Ginsburg' and I live happily with our adorable fluff children (2 cats). I grew up in Colorado, and have made Roanoke my home for the past few years. I'm a hard hitter both on and off the track, where I am an attorney. I'm in on the joke, so I collect shark stuff (clocks, socks, sponge holder, candy dish, etc.), including our kitties, who are named Mako and Thresher after their aquatic counterparts.
Donna Badthing #74
Real Name: Marjorie Gann

​I love to skate. I had my first exposure to roller derby at a bout in 2015, and was at the very next practice. I’m older than the average player, and I’d never played a sport, but I’ve worked hard since then and am truly proud of my progress.

Massacre Marie #214
Real Name: Emily Winters

Started skating in 2008 w the star City Roller Girls. In 2012, moved to New York City to play for Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Broke a leg, but spent two great seasons playing for the Bronx Gridlock, as well as three travel teams: The Bad Apples, Wall Street Traitors, and Grand Central Terminators. Derby has taken me from Alaska to Puerto Rico, with many stops (and new friends made) in between!

Slamethyst #934
Real Name: 
Kaiya Martin

​I've been with TVRD since August and I love it! They teach you everything and quite patiently if you're a slower learner (like myself)! I've been an NSO (non-skating official) for almost 2 years on and off and love the sport so much!

PayPay #2012
Real Name: Paris Greene

I started skating as a Junior roller derby skater at age 16 . I have traveled many places and made many friends through roller derby. I am always willing to learn something new. The day you stop learning in roller derby is the day you want to give it up .

Leap Year #229
Real Name: Sam Kyransaleigh

My derby name is a reference to the fact that I’m born on February 29th. I enjoy working on cars, and I’m trying to get certified as an auto mechanic.

Karma #37
Real Name: Calliope Karma Restrepo

When I was about twelve I was at a movie theater and met a Derby team member and they gave me a flyer for their bout and I had an interest ever since. I started bootcamp and knew instantly this was the sport I was born for. I'm at Western for their exercise science program. After I'm a certified fitness trainer I want to go to school to become a nutritionist. I also have a side love for hula hooping!

Roxanna Hardplace #369
Real Name: Shannon Lugar

Rox is a stay at home mom who has been skating for almost 4 years. Roller Derby has been one of the biggest challenges she's ever take on, but also one of the most rewarding. She loves this team and is so glad to skate with such amazing people.

Amelia Scarehart #221
Real Name: Leanna Scachetti

In the fall of 2017, Wedneslay Addams convinced me to join TVRD and I haven't regretted it one bit! Prior to my Freshmeat Bootcamp, I'd never really been on quad skates. I am proud of the progress I've made skating and with my fitness. I've been a dancer all my life so this is my first foray into team sports. I am so happy to call my teammates my friends! Off the rink I am a reporter and anchor with WDBJ7-TV.  I live to travel, hike, practice yoga, kick-box, learn phrases in foreign languages and sip coffee with friends. The #221 is an homage to the great Sherlock Holmes. 
Dewey Decimation #796
Real Name: Alisha Landry

I was first introduced to derby as a spectator and NSO in 2014. In 2015 I joined Star City Roller Girls as a freshie, I didn't even know how to skate! Unfortunately, due to an injury and health issues, I had to step away from derby for a few years. I rejoined in November of 2017 and I am excited to continue my derby career with TVRD. My love of strong coffee and good books led to me becoming a high school librarian. I choose my number because 796.21 is the Dewey Decimal number for roller skating!

Brianne Preston #16

I'd been considering derby for awhile and finally decided to try the bootcamp in Nov 2017. I'm still learning but love it already! The team has been very supportive & welcoming.

Wreckonomics #22
Real Name: Nora Scherer

I am brand new to derby, but loving it so far!

Sophie Nominal #808
Real Name: 
Sophia Wilhelm

I started playing roller derby in 2012, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I love the competition and the challenge that derby presents. I have met so many amazing women in this sport and made so many great friends. Fun facts about me: I grew up in Hawaii, my number 808 is the Hawaii area code. I have 2 teenage boys that are pretty much the best kids ever.
Sketchy #11
Real Name: Macy Joachim

My name comes from my love of art and drawing in particular- not my character lol! I’m originally from CA and started skating out there before moving to VA a couple of years ago.

Contact: TwinValleysRollerDerby@gmail.com